Paper Planes + The Wind-Up Robots Killed My Cat


Einlass: 20:00 Uhr
Instrumental, Post Rock

paper planes:

paper planes sind auf dem gut sortierten Flohmarkt irgendwo zwischen instrumentellem Indie und poppigem Postrock zu finden. Die 4 Frankfurter kombinieren verträumte Gitarrenmelodien mit brummenden Synthies, Klavier, Melodika… und der Punk schielt um die Ecke.

the wind-up robots killed my cat:

Four men sink into the sound of their instruments. Instead of great poses here grow sonic mountains between drums, guitar, bass and electronics.
The different musical socialization of the Würzburg band does not create any genre clash, it grows somethin new. The bandmembers can agree on something like „post-rock“.“The Wind-Up Robots Killed My Cat“ create music, which that can be restrained as well as tempered. Guitars make the Wall of Sound rise up and sink down in the storm again. They have learned by British artists like Mogwai, Icelanders, Swedes and aging Americans. Behind and above the band visuals are a very impotant part as well as the electronics and strings. The proof is there: The robots can do more.

9. April 2014