Laster + Grey Aura + Laudare


Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Beginn: 20:30 Uhr !

Eintritt: 7€
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Black Metal

Laster (Netherlands)
Since their formation in 2012, Laster evolved into a magnificent and untamable beast in the realm of avantgarde and post black metal. The Dutch trio has warped and widened the framework of extreme metal with the muscle of post and jazz rock, shoegaze and art pop across two full lengths (2014’s „De Verste Verte is Hier“ and 2017’s „Ons Vrije Fatum“, which became record of the month in Terrorizer magazine upon its release) plus a split EP. Now with their thrid album „Het Wassen Oog“ and its companion EP „Stadsluik“, the band brings its cineastic qualities to full effect. Expect an intense and hypnotic show.

Grey Aura (Netherlands)
Grey Aura are a conceptual black metal band from Utrecht, the Netherlands. The band is known for its experimentation and genre-bending strangeness. Their first full-length album ‘Waerachtighe beschryvinghe…’ was added to the permanent collection of the Dutch National Library in 2016. Grey Aura are currently recording their second full-length album, which is an exploration into the mind of a deranged modernist painter. During live performances, the band convey a frighteningly playful atmosphere, which is sure to leave its mark on the audience

Laudare (Germany)
Sensible harshness from Leipzig.
„He who has an ear, let him hear
She who as an eye, let her witness.“

Präsentiert von Moth&Light

18. Januar 2020