Sun Worship + Turia + Iffernet


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Beginn: 20:00 Uhr

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Black Metal

Sun Worship (Germany)
Sun Worship offer a mix of traditional and modern Black Metal with a dismal note. The previous records are raw and monolithic, with a touch of cosmic majesty. And with their new release the band prove once again that they are the best when they break out of the state of the art Black Metal.

Turia (Netherlands)
Turia are concentrating on the essentials of Athmosperic Black Metal: Monotony as style element, hypnotic drumming, furious and howling vocals. However, the omnipresent transcendantal atmosphere doesn’t take any power away from the raw guitar riffs.

Iffernet (France)
Iffernet plays a raw kind of atmospheric black metal and crafts songs of obstinate riffing relentless drumming. Following an isolated recording in southern France, the duo first appears releasing an album and touring alongwith Aerial Ruin from Portland. Haunting and harsh vocals bring deep emotions. From impassive midtempos to crushing and abrasive blastbeats, Iffernet rises simply, strikes raw.

Präsentiert von Moth&Light

22. Februar 2020